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Stitching Us Together: Part 2

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Amarillo wasn’t what we dreamed and hoped it would be.  Yes, we were closer to our parents and saw them more often, but my husband’s business endeavors and job opportunities all fell flat.  (this one is a much longer story…a very formative, heart-wrenching story)

During one of the absolute most stressful times of my life, I found out I was pregnant again!  In light of many things, my second pregnancy was a miracle!  We were thrilled and also increasingly worried about our future.

It’s no wonder that I started having contractions three months too soon.  After many attempts to stop them, my water broke at 4am on December 17th 2007.   Two days later, Ethan Layne Sims was born in fury and determination!  He was 8 weeks early and weighed 4 pounds and was immediately rushed to the NICU.


His name means strength and firmness…this is exactly what our Ethan holds within him!  He is both hot and cold and a cuddle-bug and a ball-of-raging-fire.  How I love him!  How my heart ached during those weeks in the NICU!  He eventually came home weighing a little over 3 pounds, but he could breathe on his own, he could nurse, and maintain his body temperature, so they released him.

I’ll never forget how tiny he looked in that big, ol’ carseat!  We stuffed blankets all around him just so he could fit in the seatbelt without crumpling out of it.

In the meantime, we had no money.  We were desperate.  The ecstatic joy that comes with new baby was mercilessly tinged with this constant panic.  We knew God would make a way, and He did as always!

In March of 2008, we drove from the plains of the Texas Panhandle, into the rolling green of the Hill Country.  Britt was immediately hired for a job he had no qualifications for and the salary was exactly what we needed!

After such a dark time, our hearts soared with hope!

It was during this very week, deep in the Caribbean, that our first daughter was born!  She shared a biological father with our Moise, but her mom was extremely young and soon disappeared.

Estherline (dubbed “Esther”, for short) has all the ladylike features and attitude of a Queen!  She is almost overflowing with attitude and spunk.  No one can match Esther’s quick wit!

But I knew nothing of her yet…all I knew was that God had provided a way.

So, it was providence and miraculous that God’s “way”; his breakthrough, was provided during that very same time, and it included more than I could hope or imagine.

Three months after Ethan’s early birth, he acquired a sister…


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